Epoxy Floor Coating Company

Your home or commercial space will more often have concrete flooring. Opting for an epoxy flooring system will provide the protection needed to make the concrete floor more durable, tough and beautiful. Hiring an epoxy floor coating company can help you achieve that goal.

When searching for the best epoxy flooring company, you can ask relatives and friends who have recently given their garage a facelift for some recommendations. You may also check the Internet as most of these companies have websites or are listed on some other online platforms. 

If you are ready to qualify your shortlist or think you have found the right epoxy floor coating company, here are the next steps before finally starting the epoxy flooring installation.

  1. Meet the Epoxy Flooring Company

Nothing beats a face to face contact when discussing your epoxy flooring project. Meet the contractor so you will get answers to your questions. The epoxy contractor will likewise ask you about your design preferences, budget, and your desired final result. 

  1. Suggesting Options

Having an idea of your requirements and expectations, the epoxy floor coating company will make recommendations on the types of epoxy floor coatings suited for your project. He will also discuss the best products to use as well as the entire epoxy installation process.

  1. Free Quote

The epoxy floor coating company will then present you with a free detailed quote which will include:

  • Size of your project
  • Needed materials
  • Epoxy installation process
  • The number of installers that will work on your project.
  • Length of time it will take to complete your project.
  • Payment Terms and Conditions
  1. Your Decision

You are expected to review the quotation and make the decision. When you find everything in order and have decided to engage the services of the epoxy floor coating company, you will both sign a contract. This is for both your protection. After the signing of the contract, you and the epoxy floor coating company will agree on the schedule for the installation of your epoxy flooring system.

Glut of Homes Available

Glut of Homes Available

There is currently a surplus of homes available on the real estate market in Tacoma which signals that the market hasn’t stabilized and things could progressively get worse.  The housing market in Alderton is far from turning around because of a large inventory of homes and affordability levels still extremely poor.

Pending home sales were surprisingly high in the month of December but those reports are fools gold.  This news was hardly an indicator of the health of the market, however.  The upturn in pending home sales had more to do with the unseasonably warm weather.

The reason the upturn was credited to the market is because the homeowner vacancy rate was way up from its normal rate.  All these homes sitting unoccupied will pressure selling prices lower and lower for the foreseeable future.

Four Real Estate Deal Killers

Four Real Estate Deal Killers

Many news reports point to the sub prime lending mess as the cause for the housing slump. But home sellers should know that plenty of people with good credit are simply cautious buyers, which can keep sales down.

In most areas it’s a buyer’s market, so people can be picky. “Most buyers in this market will try to re-negotiate based on the findings of their home inspection. If the seller is unwilling to make repairs or lower the price, they may walk away because they know other properties are available,” says Kathleen Kuhn, president and CEO of HouseMaster, a leading national home inspection franchise company.

But sellers do not have to stand by with their fingers crossed to secure a fair sale.

Sellers must anticipate the concerns of potential home buyers in order to ensure their homes sell at acceptable prices. To overcome the tough real estate market, many sellers are turning to pre-listing inspections as a tool for enhancing the salability of their homes in a slow market.

“More and more home sellers are getting a pre-listing home inspection that helps identify potential deal-breaking issues before the house is listed on the market,” Kuhn says. “This way, sellers can fix problems and worry less about a buyer walking away late in the deal process.”

The following four underlying conditions are the most common deal killers when it comes to real estate transactions:

Roofing Concerns: A new homeowner does not want the expense of roof replacement shortly after closing. Many sellers believe that if their roof is not presently leaking it is in acceptable condition. But an astute buyer knows that a worn roof needs to be replaced before it leaks.

Electrical Problems: Older panels are often undersized and might even pose a fire hazard. Although an upgrade is usually straightforward, the potential fire risk can be scary for prospective buyers.

Structural Issues: Major structural issues are one of the least common defects found in homes, but when they do occur, they can be costly to repair, and can really stop a buyer in his tracks. Fortunately, there are often repair options that will make the sales process go smoother. But it will often require another inspection by a structural engineer or repair professional, and additional time, to determine what can be done.

Synthetic Stucco or Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS): Overall EIFS can be effective, economical alternatives to traditional stucco. Unfortunately improper installation can lead to trapped moisture behind the siding. This can cause structural damage and mold, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars to correct.

“Sellers lose some advantage when they are caught off guard by issues, even minor ones. In a market where every edge counts, sellers can use tools like pre-listing home inspections and repair records to show that they are conscientious and have taken appropriate steps to sell responsibly and competitively

Oklahoma’s Unemployment Declines

Oklahoma's Unemployment Declines

Oklahoma’s jobless rate dropped to 6.6% in December – the third best rate in the nation, tying with Kansas and Iowa – the U.S. Labor Department reported Friday.

The seasonally adjusted figure was an improvement from previous months, when Oklahoma’s unemployment hit 7 percent in November and 7.3 percent in October.

The state added 5,000 jobs, the December employment report from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission stated, with seven out of ten sectors reporting gains.  The largest gain was in professional and business services with 3,000 jobs.  Manufacturing had an increase of 1,900 jobs and educational and health services posted 1,300 jobs, the OESC said.

The state’s weakened retail trade sector was behind a 1,200 job loss in trade, transportation and utilities.  Government jobs also lost ground – dropping 800 jobs.

Oklahoma bucked most of the nation in December, where unemployment rates rose in 43 states and the employment picture remained bleak, the Labor Department report said.

Oklahomas Foreclosure Rate

Oklahomas Foreclosure Rate

Oklahoma ’s foreclosure rate ranked 30th among the states in June, according to RealtyTrac.

Oklahoma had 1,173 foreclosure filings in June, which was 53.5 percent higher than in June 2007 but 3.3 percent lower than the month before, according to RealtyTrac.

The changes almost mirrored changes in the nation as a whole, which had 53.3 percent more foreclosure filings last month compared with June 2007, and 3.4 percent fewer than the month before.

However, with one of 1,370 households with a foreclosure filing, Oklahoma ’s rate was well below the national average, which showed one in every 501 households with a foreclosure filing in June.

The information provided in a pre-listing inspection report enables the seller to plan a course of action for addressing any conditions found. This way, the seller can set his or her home apart from other houses available for sale in the area. The inspection report also provides a strong bargaining tool during original listing negotiations with the buyer, ensuring a quicker, more hassle-free sale and smoother closing.

Home Foreclosures Decline in Oklahoma

Home Foreclosures Decline in Oklahoma

The Associated Press reported that the number of home foreclosures in Oklahoma fell in March although the number is still higher than a year ago.

The real estate data service RealtyTrac reported that 1,447 foreclosures were filed last month.  This was a decline of nearly 19.25 percent over the February rate.  However, the number is more than a 27 percent increase over foreclosures in March 2007.

The current foreclosure rate is one for every 1,111 households statewide and Oklahoma had the 24th highest foreclosure rate in the nation.  This is an improvement from the 21st highest rate in February 2008.